Decentralized Lottery Apps

Hello guys, it’s good to be healthy. We aim to create Lottery Dapps on the blockchain. And after so long design and coding, were finally try to make it live on the main net.

How to Participate

  • BUY BNB at Binance Exchange
  • Send it to your wallet
  • Connect wallet to this DAPP
  • Click Participate and it will be asked only min 0.01 BNB per ticket participation
  • When each round reach min participants, the Manager will be notified for picking the winner

Round Term and Rules

  • Min participant for each round is 10, no limit on participant
  • The manager will pick the winner by activating the smart contract and randomly pick 2 lucky wallet
  • 1st winner will get 40%, 2nd winner will get 30%, 15% will be back to pool for the next round and the system will take 15% as a fee
  • Follow our Twitter and telegram for further information

Access from Web can be easily available at

Access from Dapps can be access from trustwallet

Once you approve it, you'll be automatically added to the list of the lottery. The winner, like mentioned above, will be taking 2 lucky participants. And only the manager can be the one who picks the winners. This Dapps still on version 1.0.1 and still need more improvement. Good luck guys.

Contact us

Telegram :

Website :

Twitter ( manager ) :



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